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Kim Lawless

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Apr 17, 2003
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:confused: Hi Geeks, can you help me please. I'm using Bond Aid, Bon Ex and Line Out (only when re-balancing) because other pros have told me to use them. I'm quite happy to switch from brand to brand at various times. However, could you please tell me where and when these products are applied? To the natural nail only? Primer before Line Out? Do I let them dry? Any other help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks so much guys. Kim x
The only product I can offer any advice on is the Line Out, I used to use this but I kept getting brown marks under the enhancement.
It works its way under the product and temporarily disguises the lifting but like any other liquid, if its trapped underneath it starts to go rotten.
It really is better to get rid of the lift by buffing
I use Bond aid and Bond ex when using competition 3000 liquid + powder by OPI because that system all works together. Bond aid is 2 b applied first, over natural nail only, then apply Bondex to natural nail only and then only if u wish this would b the right time for u to apply your Line out. Would have to agree with the post above on the subject ov Line Out!

Hope this helps
I think the first two are OPI Prep products (as per Alex's comments) and should always be used with OPIs product application proceedures for best results.
The Line Out is a product designed for rebalancing. Its purpose is to 'hide' and left behind fill lines in your service.
Personally, I really would discourage the use of these type of products (if I recall... it is basically a cyanoacrylate adhesives... like tip 'glue') as they have a tendency to trap moisture, oil, and bacteria in your 'fill line'.
This creates a lot o weakness in the enhancement and an increased probability of seeing a bacterial infection (possibly the 'rotten' colouration Debbie was mentioning).

IMO: The fastest way to remove lifting is to not get it in the first place ;)
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