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Jan 11, 2010
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i have done two eyelash courses both with sacha cosmetics in coventry. they used nouveau lashes and blink and go express lashes.

does anyone know why your natural lash cant grow under express lashes? i didnt get taught this on my course?

is this the same for the nouveau style lashes?
Lashes will still grow with the express lashes.
Express lashes are placed on more than one lash. With semi-permanent lashes, the donor lash is placed just on one lash, so will fall out naturally as you lose your own lashes.
As lashes grow at different stages, the express lashes will start pulling on the eye after a couple of weeks as they are attached to more than one lash. This is why they need to be removed after a couple of weeks :)
thats great thanks. so are the nouveau ones the same as the hollywood lashes? i dont really know anything about the hollywood. is there much point doing a hollywood course too?
with the express they can have them taken off and reput back on every two weeks?
I think a lot of courses follow the same syllabus. They will all teach you how to apply extensions properly (hopefully!), it's up to you to practice like mad after!
As far as i know, Nouveau are the only people who train you to in Blink and Go so if you haven't trained with them you wouldn't be able to call them blink and go.
I've never heard of the company you mentioned (i will google it in a bit) so am a bit sceptical.
You can re-apply the express lashes as soon as you've taken the other ones off. These things should have been taught on your course really.
Right, i'm off to do a bit of googling!
she just called them express lashes but used blink and go products. thanks for all your advice x

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