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Feb 8, 2006
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Alnwick, Northumberland
Hi, Can anyone help me?

I've just opened up my first nail business, renting space within a tanning shop. I've just had a visit from the environmental health officer (who also happens to live above the shop, just to make matters worse), who says that she can smell 'nail varnish' (and i'm assuming she's using that as a general title for all my products) in her stairway. I'm at a loss as to what to do now, i have a dust vent on my desk, a fuminator to the side of me, and both doors to the shop are open as i work. I have a metal lidded bin which all my waste goes into as soon as it is used, i take my rubbish away with me at the end of the night, and my stock (acetone, NVR,etc) is stored in an airtight box, so no smells escape. What does everyone think. Do i look into an extractor fan for the doors, and/or what else can i do? The worst bit about it for me is the shop i work in doesn't even smell of acrylic!!! PLease help!!!:cry:
Thank You,

I've read all those threads, and i think i'm following everything. Only prob i have now is getting hold of CND's MSDS sheets for their L&P, which with their website being down and no-one answering any calls is proving rather difficult. Can anyone help?
If you sold bacon butties she'd be able to smell them! If she lived above a bakery she'd be able to smell that! The list goes on...As long as you're adhering to protocol I wouldn't worry. Actually turn the tables and ask for her professional advise if she's the expert. Keep on the right side of her she might prove to be quite useful. Offer to do her nails for free so she can check you out and give you some pointers. You sound very above board to me X
yer take the upper hand, call the council and ask for policies, also find out if you have the same land lord, so that you know where youre standing....phone the enviromental health first, find out the rules and make sure you have her name to check up on!!! xxxx

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