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Mar 1, 2004
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sorry to bore you all and put you all on a downer but i have to tell someone.

i am SO fed up! i desparetly want to go mobile with my nails but still need to do alot of training, however money is scarce at the moment due to hols etc

i have been through the yellow pages in an atempt to find somewhere they may give me some experience but am stopped dead as they arnt intersted in trainees etc. i am only trained to do manis and peds at the mo but want to train in both bio sculpture and ezflow, By the way does anyone know if you get get the kits at the exhibitions i'm going to the g-mex on october?.

oh where to start.

Is this how you all felt when you were starting out? or did you all find it easy.

i work in the most boring office job. I dont even have a window to look out of!!! sniff sniff. i so badly want to be a success but am getting down by the fact i'm getting no where

any words of wisdom work go greatly at this time.

thanks for listenening.
Ok. The hard facts are that to train with any provider who is decent, itis going to cost you. Period. End of story. and the worst thing you can possibly do is to start a business without funds.

So ....

Why not do what any other person starting up a small business would do, and take out a loan so that you have the necessary funding and are not held back from getting on with what you so badly want to do.??

A Loan is not a scarey thing and you earn the money back so quickly in the nail business if you get good training right from the start. If you faff about on cheap courses or try to go it alone, you will get no where fast. If you are passionate about this career, then make it happen. .. don't wait.

Go to your bank, find out waht they want form you and go for it. Best of luck.
Thanks for the advise geeg. it is something i've considered.

as to the other questions can anyone let me knw bout the kits.
I know bio sculpture are offering £100 off at proffesional nails. Could be the same for g-mex. Do some research or phone and ask the company. Have you considered your local college for nail technology. I went to barnfield college in Luton. I paid £80 for a 17 week course you learn loads and have to build a portfolio. This was ideal for me as I work full time and you have to keep both going in order to change careers. For practising get as many volenteers as possible and dont invest in a range of products until you have practised loads and loads and your are happy with the nails. Use a cheaper product to practise with such as millenium. I use NSI now.Then you can try other sample kits before you decide to invest in a range. Also I would recomend buying the complete nail technician book. Keep your eyes out for it in the wanted section on this site as it crops up or try e-bay or if you want it new amazon. The last show I went to there was a book stall so you could save on P&P and get discount if you wait till then. Be patient and plan carefully your steps of how you are going to change careers. Practise, practise and practise to! :lol:
Hi Star, Dont worry, thing will get better.
I was just like you short of cash to set up my mobile nails, and i went to the' Princes Trust'. They helped me do a business plan, got me a 250 pound grant, and a low interest loan of 750 pounds which i only pay 35 pound back each month, they helped with marketing .....designed my business name and logo and gave me 100 cards, 100 letter heads and 100 flyers plus the disc with them all on so i can print whenever i need too.....all for free!
They gave me so much support and i even have my own mentor now who i see monthly and who is helping me to set up at home now!!!
I do have there number so just PM me if you want any of there details.....and dont give up....good luck,
Hi Star,

You say you are trained in manicures and pedicures? Can you not start going mobile offering these to your clients? I can understand you want to be able to offer a full menu to your clients, but there are many women out there who just want natural nail manicures and pedicures.

If you start practising now on friends and family I'm sure word will soon get round and you'll start getting bookings. Then you can save all your money for further training?

Why not give it a try?

Best wishes,

This all sounds like good advice to me, and i should know i once was where you are now and I didn't know about this site - so I made many mistakes, but hey I reckon I have learnt a lot that way too (better not to make the mistakes yourself and learn from others tho lol). My advice (for what it is worth)

1. You must go to the shows - spend as much time there as you can - ask questions and watch how the big guys (and girls) do it - collect all the literature you can carry, take it home then go through it all at your leisure.

2. Subscribe to trade mags - you don't need them all a lot of stuff (adverts mostly) is repeated in them anyway

3. If it looks too good to be true it usually is and generally speaking you get what you pay for.

4. Contact your local business link, council and benefits agency - you may be able to get some help in the form of grants, support or advice.

5. contact some local salons and ask if you could go along to get some experience of being in a salon - you may not get to do any treatments and you may not get paid but the knowledge you could pick up may be beneficial.

and finally don't let the bu**ers grind you down - there are millions of people out there that are too negative stay positive, beleive in yourself and work very very hard.

Good luck

Jo xxx

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