Eye and throat irritation.


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Aug 14, 2010
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I began my acrylic nail course last month, and have only used acrylic 3 times as Im still reading and doing written. Whenever I use it, even though im in a well ventillated room, it hurts my eyes and the next day I have a sore throat. I was wondering should I invest in a mask, glasses? Is this something everyone gets. I love doing this and really want to do it well, and as a career and I dont want to have to give it up because of the chemicals and vapours im using.
Thank you for any tips and suggestions.
Well the fact is that what you are experiencing should not really be happening.

If you feel you are going to be affected by this product I'd give it up and try something else .. another brand or another system.

Your breathing area should have ventilation at the immediate area where you work (I'm sure what you think is a well ventilated room ... isn't).

I think to work in a mask and gloves sends out a terrible message to your clients and it shouldn't be necessary if you are set up properly and if you are working efficiently for example, not making much dist and controlling the vapour from your liquid (which at this point you will not be doing).

If you search Minimising dust & vapour here on the site you can read some excellent information on controlling them so they are not a problem.
sorry for not replying earlier. Thanks very much for your advice, its much appriciated:)

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