Eyebrows, can't seem to get mine how I want


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Sep 6, 2013
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When I do other peoples eyebrows I get them perfect and they love them but when it comes to my own I can't seem to get them how I want anyone else have this problem? Here is a pic
I would just take a tiny wee bit more from the arch of the brow and going towards the end just taper them a wee but more... The shape is nearly there you just need your left one slightly thinner and a little bit more from under neath at your arch. X

Nicola! Xxx
Thanks Hun just annoys me when I'm doing other peoples they are perfect lol
Thats like me! I can never get mine right lol onr is always perfect and one is funny :/

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Yeh one is always better than the other think I will treat myself and get them done it is nice to be pampered once in a while :)
Why dont u go and have them done professionally? I used to have HD brows every 6 weeks but it gets quite expensive so now i just have them waxed and tinted and its only £8 so defo worth it to have fab brows! Lucia xxx
I'm the same ! I love when I do others but mine are so over plucked from years ago that I can't get my ideal shape... I actually found a pic from last year when I had my eyebrows tinted and threaded and they were exactly how I want them! Maybe need to get that done again ... I just grudge paying someone when I do tinting and plucking myself haha ! I'm so bad xx
I'm exactly the same. It's like they're almost the same... But just not quite. Winds me up no end!

Laura xx
I have heard of a saying your eyebrows are sisters not twins.

I feel your pain, ever since I had my right eyebrow pierced and then had threading done a few years ago they have never been "right" lol x

Leely x
Sometimes I find,giving them a trim can help very much with the shape x

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I have done mine on my own when I was 12 and since then No One has laid their paws on them lol I have issues with how the majority of brows are done these days. I hear it time and time again, my brows got ruined because so and so didn't listen to what I wanted.
I accept that they can't be perfect but I'd much rather leave that in my hands than rely on others.

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