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Sep 29, 2003
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which one do you prefer and why?? I use Creative but its much more expensive than Ez....is it better?? Ez has a lot of nice colours and I`m thinking to use their products,....or should I stay with Creative????? :rolleyes:
Geeg will probably put you straight on this, but isn't the technology used in creative better? I mean that it has reinforced cross linking meaning you can make thinner enhancements which are just as strong, and Creative retention+ has a covalent bond to the keratin - meaning that this bond is more durable than the hydrogen bond in other systems. I know that this technology is patented so would not be found in any other system.

Creative do not test on animals - do EZFlow?? - I don't know. That would be an issue of many of my clients.

Personally I just charge more money and explain the benefits to the client! Some will go for it, some won't. I don't need all of them to be my customers. Most f them have heard of creative, when I did my market research, noone here had heard of EZFlow, but they had heard of Star!
hiya ella, GO GIRL!!
great to see some tech's do their homework, & it's very reassuring for creative ambassadors like myself, (that could be considered biased!) that the facts reach the right people
great work :D
lol liza xx
I think it is important to really do your pricing research before you decide .... if price is your main issue rather than other things.
A full set of Creative is no more than pennies (if that) more than the next brand.
If you price everything up believe me there is only pennies in it. We have looked at this many times and have worked it out most carefully.
Certain items are more expensive i.e. tips, but I still have never used any tips that are as strong or blend as quickly so to me it is worth having them.
Creative L&P is patented technology as Ella says.
Because it is so well branded in the public eye, Creative is perceived to be MUCH more expensive ... but the fact is ... it is not.

In my catalogue EzFlows P/L is described to have this "cross-linked-polymers", too.
But I think I will stay with CND.....
Do any of you use their Gels???
And if so, than which one??


Retention+ has a more advanced molecular structure than cross linking. Creative had that in 1979 with the original Solarnail!!!
The Cross linking in Retention+ is reinforced with IPN technology which are further strands of molecules that interlink with the cross links ... if you see what I mean. That's why the product is so tough and resilient.
Retention+ also contains a chemical that bonds to Keratin in a very permanent way (Covalent bonding) which is unique to Creative.
All this is covered quite thoroughly in Creative classes so I am somewhat surprised you have not come across it before. I'm sure if you recheck you notes it will be there.

As to Gels, there is such a variety to choose from. I don't use coloured gels, so I stick to good old Faze gel. Easy and uncomplicated and it works and has a great price point.
hiya diana
you mentioned "cross-linked" formulas in someone's products.
creative nail design now use "re-inforced" cross-linking formulas.
these contain IPN's, which are interpenertrating polymer networks.
these chains of molecules weave in & out of the cross linking polymer networks, like the vines in the jungle.
this is the technology that allows their product to be as flexible & strong, yet beautifully thin.
hope this clarifies the matter for you
lol liza smith
creative educator for kent
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