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Mar 25, 2003
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Hermosa Beach, California
Hi Everyone,

I'm new here - I signed up earlier in the week and have been quietly reading all your posts, and would like to congratulate you all on a fab website. Definitely the best place on the web for nails!

I'm new to nails and your posts have answered so many of my questions and a few I would have never thought to ask -

Geeg's tips on odour were exactly what I needed. My boyfriend can bin his gas mask now!
Crazy ‘n’ Creative – thank you for asking the question about rebalancing
Amanda – you gave me food for thought in your ‘Home Salon’ post
Groovy Nails – good to hear about your CND course experience. I hope to do a CND course in the future too, so it's nice to know it was worthwhile.
Lexuspilot – I just LURVE those glitter nails – can’t wait to have a go myself!
Last, but no means least thank you The Nail Geek for the ‘Pinger’ link! What a laff!

I’m very honoured to be here – even the beginners sound very knowledgeable.

I hope to be just as clued-up some day!

I'm off to buy a girlfriend now!

you will enjoy this site ,dont think any question is to stupid to ask, cause there is usually someone wanting the answer to :shock: usally me
hi and welcome to the board

If you have any questions just ask that's what the rest of us do this is a great friendly site look forward to seeing your posts

:D :D :D
Thank you - what a nice welcome.

I'm sure I'll have lots of questions to ask, particularly when I start my new course at the end of April.

I'm addicted to this board already!

Hi Karen
And welcome to the Geeketts :fro: as Ruth calls us (Nailsoflondon) your right this is a fab site :sunny:
Hope to chat to you on the chat side of this site soon.
Good luck with your course :study:
Take Care Dawnie xx
Hi ya,

All of us on here are so geeky it's untrue! We all blame the Grand Master Geek :fro: himself for this insane behaviour!!!! :rofl:

As Groovy said, don't think any question is dumb because we've either asked the same question before or sitting on our arses waiting for someone else to ask!!!!
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