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May 18, 2003
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west midlands
I have attended a creative L & P four day foundation course.
I am very interested in learning fibreglass, so i purchased some Fabric products from ellisons, they were out of stock of starter kits which came with instruction, so i had to purchase separate products they are as follows.

bond#1 small bottle with brush
build #2 bottle with nozzle
boost#3 bottle with nozzle
blast#4 spray bottle
also brush on blast

I have just decided it give it a go and because i had to purchase the products separately i find i needed some instructions can any one help me ????

Ps would a conversion course or a one to one be better for learning fabric
did u get a bottle of brush on blast as u need that to activat the boost otherwise you will be hearing words your clients have never said before.

spray blast cant be used as this is a fast working activator and the brush on blast my be used and only used with boost as it is a slower working activator so better get yourself one . also can i ask why you got it from ellisons and not a one stop nail shop.............

love pipi xxxxxxxxx
Hi Pipi

Thanks for the reply i've just rooted in my box and yes i have a bottle of brush on blast i'll use this

Re Ellisons i had my creative training there and use to work close by so suppose it was just out of habit but i'll definitely give one stop a try


Well love, you will be so pleased with the Fabric# system and if you got any questions just give us a shout, we will me more then pleased to help you with anything you want to know or not to sure about...........

love Ruth xxxxxx
Hi Ruth,

I too am going to join the rest of you guys using Fabric.

I got a try me kit a few months ago but I seem to be absolutly useless at not gunging up the nozzle on the boost 3. Any advice.

Apart from that I think the system is brill. I have been using gel for about 18months and even though I still have a few L & P customers gel has been my preferred system. I think that may change soon.

Well love, if there is to much old dried resin around the nozzle, just clip it of with some old not in use cuticle nippers.......
But to prevent this from happening, just give the nozzle a little wipe before you done with it.............
I just put a small bead of boost on the nail, i don't use the nozzle to spread it, i use the blast brush for that, that might be a reason why your nozzle is a bit cloggyfied(new word here)

love Ruth xxxxx
Cheers Ruth

I'll try that, here's to the end of clogifying

Also, if it is too late and it is really hard to get the stuff out of the bottle then use a punture pin because they are really good at making the perfect hole. (I use them to de-clogg my glue all the time!)
cloggiefied lol ruthy your a nut!! :D we know where your comming from though!! nickki jonesx
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