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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Destruction's by Ruth Fordham @ Nail Services London EC4-Natural Nail care- Fibreglass Silk and Gel Enhancements
So here it is
For all that want to know how to do sculpting with silk and fibreglass using the Fabric# System……………….
This will make a good read if our have run out of other useless stuff on the bookshelf.

Ok here it goes
First prep the Nails as usual, taking care to clear all rubble, debris and other useless stuff off the nail plate, unless you want the stuff trapped under the product and fly off during the night or some other important event.

1. File the free edge of the nail to a nice shape, smooth edges is the bit you are looking for here.

2. Using a 240 grit,(Koala) remove shine from nail plate

3. Sanitise again, scrubfresh is the word here, let it dry completely.
4. Apply Bond to the nail, do not activate

5. Then the fun begins. Start with a strip of Fibreglass, cut it to the width of the nail, size it like you would a tip. It should cover the nail just like a tip would, same contact area. Hell it should look like a floppy tip. This piece is your pretend tip……….

6. Using Bond 2x cover the Fibreglass, making sure it doesn't stick to the skin, so easy does it.

7. Let it dry, no activating, it will dry very quickly on it's own

8. Cut another strip of material this time using Silk, this has to cover the whole nail including the fibreglass "tip". Like a wrap would, leaving a small free area around the nail plate.

9. Apply 2x Bond again over both layers, don't activate, again it will dry fast on it's own

10. Then Build 2x then activate after the second build application

11. Gently pinch in the c-curve. Thumbnails will do nicely, a vice or a monkey wrench are not necessary. Gently pressure for a count of 10, check c-curve is following the shape of the fingertip, a nice gently curve is what I aim for………………..

12. Shape and file the Fibreglass/Silk Sandwich use a Smoothie or 120/240 grit file

13. Boost it 1x

14. Check C-curve again, pinch again if need be

15. Boost it 2x

16. Buff

17. Then apply an ample amount of Solar massage this into the nail, then Scrubfresh again then buff to a nice shine with a three sided buffer, You know the ones with the black, white and grey sides.(Girlfriend)
Finish this with a nice polish, a horrible one wouldn't do…………..

Below are some drawings to help you to visualise the process.
Have fun and you will be amazed at the finished result.
No more tipping for the odd nail replacement……….



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hi ruth

just to clarify one step ...i'm not the brightest button:o
the silk you place over the natural nail and the fibreglass 'tip'....or just over the natural nail?
many thanks
You place the silk over the complete nail, including the fibreglass "tip" bit.........
This adds strength to the fibreglass floppy tip...............
the proceed with steps 9 -17..............
Have fun fabric#ating the new sculpt.............
Fantastic never seeing this before and although been in the trade 10yrs theres always something new you can try. Fab might even change acrylic sculpturing for silk/fibre glass sculpturing. How long does it take on clients?
A full set takes me about 1 3/4 hours.......... a little longer but it is fab xxx
Hey Ruth!

What a fantastic post! You have made it all so clear!
I'm gonna have loads of fun playing around with this technique!!

One question....do you need to use a nail form like you would to sculpt with l&p?
Hi there,
you can use a form if you want to.....
have fun xxx
Nailsinlondon1 said:
Hi there,
you can use a form if you want to.....
have fun xxx

thanks for your quick reply....
would you say its better with or without a form?

Jenn xx
I don't use a from, but my daughter Faye nailsinlondon2 does use a form......
I think it's preference...... xx
Maybe try it both ways xxx
ok...will give both ways a go!
thanks for your help!

Jenn xx
This sound very interesting !! will have a go thanx :D
Nailsinlondon1 said:
I don't use a from, but my daughter Faye nailsinlondon2 does use a form......
I think it's preference...... xx
Maybe try it both ways xxx

When you apply the fibreglass do you form it or do you leave it "flat"?
I used Stikr (resin) and Kikr (activator) from Backscratchers and found it difficult to get that nice shape that a tip gives you "for free".
Any tips on that?


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