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Apr 26, 2003
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hi ya, i got my fabric starter kit today, is the silk the smoothest strand and the other fibreglass????
also can i do a french tip with the silk/fibreglass???? like i would do with acrylics?????
cheers girls and boys, i wouldnt be able to live without u all...ure fab xxx
Silk is the smooth material, fibreglass is the one which has little squares visible, also very shiney.

I have just done a tester with permanent french painted on it.
Applyed the silk and then before resin painted it with fabric paint, a nice white smile line, then once that was dry resined it. Will let ya know how it holds out.

love Ruth xxxx
what sort of fabric paint did you use Ruth??????
It's called Fabric paint,
You get it from art and craft stores, it's called Marabu fabric paint, you can also get Marabu silk paint, that gives it a softer look, it sort of spreads out , where as fabric paint is slighty thicker and stays where you put it.
You can also try acrylic airbrush paint, you just have to play about and see what developes.

Happy painting
love Ruth xxxx
Thanks, I`ll have a play, it would be nice to find a way to do a nice french with fibreglass and silk
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