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Belle De Jour

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Apr 14, 2003
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hi guys and girls right quick question had a search through and couldnt find anything on this topic so maybe others will be interested to find out:
if i bodge my more than white smile line what should i use to remove it that wont effect the product chemistry? ;)
... use Nailfresh on a clean brush (that you only use with Nailfresh) this will tidy it up nicely and not affect any product already there.

Hope this helps.

Jenni x
thanks jenni we have got quiet a little chat going on tonight :D i knew you could use nail fresh to straighten up smile lines but what if i need to totally remove it if it was beyond help? :D does nail fresh for sure not effect the products? thanks hun :D
... hmm not sure about removing it completely. I've not had to do that yet (fingers crossed). Probably best to ask Ruth that one she'll probably know, I'll be interested to find out myself now.

Jenni x
Yep girls, nailfresh does the trick..............
If you have a smile line thats defintely not smiling, a bt of nail fresh on a lint free pad and off it comes................ No it does not cause any problems with the enhancements..............

Yes and it smartens up the smile line a treat.................
So Jenni 10 out of 10 here ..have a drink
on me.... great advice......
cheers ruthie babe knew we could count on you ;) best stock up on the nail fresh then :D
NailFresh is the perfect polish 'detailer' and the perfect product to use to make smiles perfect with More Than White ... however, be careful when using it as a remover .. it could cause cracking of the tip in just the same way as ScrubFresh would cause cracking. If you must remove totally be careful not to use too much.

The reason NailFresh is so effective is, it contains ether which evaporates so rapidly, it cleans up the line without making the product go sticky. Couldn't live without it.
Sawasdee ka

I read before on America website that in America when them do smile with polish them use a brush with little acetone to make smile perfect and we try and it work for sure .

Try and for people learn to do smile and have problem same we have it will help you for sure .

Kop khun ka mui
Sorry Mui ....

Nail Fresh works much better than acetone! MUCH better. No smearing, not diluting and no stickyness. Acetone is what we USED to use before we discovered how great Nail Fresh is.
thanks geeg and mui :D i will be careful then and not use to much sounds like this will solve the problem of my shakey hand and make my smile lines nice and smiley :D then there will be no stopping me as this is the one thing that is still bugging me :D thanks again girls ;) !

Does nailfresh and scrubfresh crack the overlay or just tips?

I am not sure wether using this would cause problems to the exsisting product when doing an overlay or to remove dust when applying overlay to a new set.

Cristine :)
cristine said:
Does nailfresh and scrubfresh crack the overlay or just tips?

Only in copious amounts.
If your tips/enhancments are looking Smurfalicious after your ScrubFresh application... chances are you are using a tad too much ;)
huh? geek having a brain block smurfalicious :?: can you elaborate hun? ;)
Maybe it's
huh? geek having a brain block can you elaborate hun?
As in very blue looking and smurf like behaviour............
Just a thought
:papasmurf: :thumbsup: :oops: gotcha :D
Sawasdee ka geeg

No problem i did not know before about use acetone and not know about nail fresh but i know now because i look web site and you and lady and some man teach .

Very good learn some thing every day kop khun ka .

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