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Lelli Loo Loo
Nov 6, 2003
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Lellipop Land
Not meaning to sound well daft, Is fabric like the fibreglass system ?:oops: I was trained in fibreglass so would love to give fabric a try :p
It sounds a really nice system to use from all the positive feedback i have read.
Fabric# is a wrap system and you can use fibreglass, silk, etc.

It is not like ANY other wrap system. It can do all the things the other wrap systems can't. Some of the Features are:

3 different resins which each do a specific job best.
No lifting
No yellowing
Strong as Liquid and Powder
No breaking down in water
No need for stress strips
Only use activator once
No heat
No visible fibre
Can build shape into the enhancements
Everything is Brush-on

What more could you want?
Thanks for reply Geeg, It does sound wonderful :)
I will have to try it. Can i buy the try me kit or do i need th train with creative first ?
Well Love,
Then you will just love Fabric#...................
It's more versatile then the old fashioned way of resin and Fibreglass........
You can make it look like a dream.............
You can buy the try me kit and have a play........
You will never go back to the old fashioned way, I can promise you that !!!!!
You do not have to be Creative trained to purchase Fabric#.

You will have to be able to show a valid certificate of competence to be able to purchase.

My advice to get the best out of the product as it does work differently is to take a class with it.

Always best to learn from those who know it inside and out.
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