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You're right, it is really quick and easy when you know how. :D

First cut all your strips first for each hand, leaving the fabric right on the paper. It is easy to judge the size with your eyes and the size only has to be approximate as you don't want the fabric to touch the skin.

Then one at a time and holding the fabric, plus its paper backing at one end, cut the other end into a gentle round. Hold the scissors still and move the paper - this is really fast and easy to do.

Then holding the strip gently at the same end you have already been holding it, slide the point of the scissors plus the blade under the square end that you were holding, picking up a little edge of the material ... press the edge of the material onto the blade of the scissors and peel off ... now your scissors will be holding the strip, making it easy for you to place the strip wherever you want to, without touching it at all. The end that you have been holding will be trimmed off the end of the nail!! :D


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Jun 10, 2003
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Hello to all,
I got my fabric try me kit on friday, so i tested it out on my sister the end result was great. I love the system, My only problem was getting the fabric cut into the right shape for the nail and peeling it away from the backing without touching it to much. It is such a fab system but i'm sure there is an easier and quicker way of doing this.. Any tips would be much appreciated. I will be booking myself on the course for this but in the mean time any help would be great
Thanks very much in advance
Caren :)
Thank you very much Geeg, I cant belive i never thought about cutting all ten out together.... feel abit silly know, as i was trying to cut a curve out straight away instead of cutting a strip and then curve it... Oh well i am blonde. well thats my excuse hehe
thanks again for your help
caren :)
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