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dolled up

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Feb 7, 2012
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West Midlands
Hi geeks! Looking for some inspiration regarding my facebook pages' status.
Im good with promoting my spray tans & hair extensions BUT im stuck on ideas on ways to promote my hairdressing services :/ ( restyles, colours, highlights, semis etc...) and would love if someone can help me think of a good status! My brain has turned to mush ): thanks! Amy xx
Hi i normally have a status offering a colour & cut offer.

Or say something along the lines of got your (write season in) wardrobe ready why not get your ****** hair style/colour. Amazing prices on all colouring techniques and re-styles.

Plus watching celebritys new hair styles always helps. i.e so and so has changed their colour/cut i.ll ask what they think if they would like something similar to give me a call.
Forgot to add i get lots of people for blow dries by mentioning Kim kardashian or towie

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