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Oct 16, 2013
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Hi all,
I am hoping to be using either Dermalogica or Decleor products however as it's such a big outlay I wanted to just buy salon products from eBay rather than going through the company and once I can afford to buy through either company I will do it that way, does anybody know if there is a policy to say I can not do this. I really appreciate your feedback
This is a phenomenally bad idea.
First of all you have no idea as to whether the products from eBay are genuine.
Secondly. Your insurance will be invalidated because you are not using products from the authorised distributor.
Thirdly, you will not be able to advertise that you are using those branded products, and you leave yourself wide open to prosecution by said companies.
There are many, many brands out there which give amazing results, without the massive initial outlay, and which your clients (and you!) cannot buy from eBay, Amazon, QVC etc, thus protecting your retail revenue.
If you want more details of such a brand drop me a pm.
I think Lynn has just about covered it - you cannot use these products with the blessing of the company, and you will be paying what the public pays to use the products, so really eating into your profit margin. Finally, you wouldn't be able to access the products used in the professional facials, so would be using your basic products.

You are much better off using a range that doesn't cost the earth to start up, rather than trying to use the much more expensive products on the cheap!

Try and get some samples of different things and find out if there's something you like,

Vicki x

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