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Jul 28, 2007
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Can anyone please tell me what is a good facial product to use and retail
Can anyone please tell me what is a good facial product to use and retail
I have had excellent results with Darphin,Eve Taylor and Germaine Cap.It depends what you want from your products.

Obviously you want to see results but do you want an aromatherapy range,low budget,specialised treatments???
I love Decleor & Matis but both have very high start up costs.

Are you going to be having a salon or mobile ? I would have a look and see what salons in your local area stock, you don't want to be stocking Dermalogica if half a dozen others have it !

I currently use academie which is a fantastic range but you've got more chance of getting a signed copy of the bible than any of their products at the moment.

BTW I used find Decleor sold itself, very easy to retail.
i am a total dermalogica fan - but i know its expensive to get it all in to start off with

tori x
i agree i stock dermalogica and its lush but is expensive to start off
Germaine de Capuccini for me, but it depends on your budget and type of client, mobile or salon based etc.

Please supply us with more info for your situation.
The therapist who does my facials uses Eve Taylor products which smell nice and leave my skin feeling good for ages (thanks estherlou) and their retail range is lovely too, have bought a moisturiser with SPF which seems AT LAST light enough for my oily skin . . .
I use Eve Taylor and love their products. :green:
The Eve Taylor Products are fantastic for professional and retail use. not only can you specifically design your treatment for your client you can back up the treatment with an excellent homecare regime leaving the client feeling valued and impressed with her experience with you. The training leaves you feeling enthusiastic and eager to return to the salon to put the professional treatments into practice.
In my salon we use Susan Molyneux, we find it very popular with clients, and it is all natural aromatherapy based, and thier training is great.

Here is there web site

MONU by Susan Molyneux

Lizzy x
I suppose it depends a) which brand you did your original beauty therapy training in (some may train in dermalogica, others in decleor ect ect) and b) your budget. Are you working mobile or in a salon? How big is your current client base and what do your local competitors use? what are you using at the moment? It's nice to choose a brand on the basis not only of preference, but also to find a niche in your local market place.

I use Priadara, as it's friendly to my budget (which is minimal), it uses natural ingredients with bio-friendly packaging, and it's a niche market as no salons in my local area uses this brand to my knowledge.

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