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Aug 28, 2003
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hiya everyone....i need some help please......i went for a sunbed last night and used a new lotion that i had not tried before, it was a tingle lotion but i thought it wasnt very tingly.....when i came out i did look a bit red but nothing much else different......i went to bed and to my horror i have woken up this morning soooooooo streaky looking :cry: the lotion must have had a bronzer in it, it did not say on the packet about any bronzers...i am so angry, if i had known i would never have touched it as i dont do bronzers!!!

so i am looking for a bit of advice, how the heck to i get it to come off without actually having a full body peel :o

does anyone have any magic fake tan removal tips?....i look as if i have been rubbing a used tea bag up and down my body, and my nails look like i have just peeled a ton of carrots :cry:

any help would be greatly appreciated

hmmm- quic thought is to try exfoliation all over this should help reduce the bronze ....best of luck
yeah i am gonna jump into the shower and have a good scrub down...i just wondered af anyone knew of anything that helped whip the bronzers off a bit quicker.......i wonder if some soap powder would help....lol ;)
When I did my St Tropez training, I was told to rub toothpaste in any areas of unwanted tanning, ie: palms of hands etc.
I never needed to try it though so I can`t vouch for it working and if its all over, thats a lot of toothpaste too.
Sorry can`t be more helpful, I hope you get it sorted
An astringent facial toner might help, i found out by accident!! Im not sure but think it is the alcohol in it that lifts the colour

Good luck
i would try soap powder you might develop a reation to that - i have from just washing my clothes ...stick with soap and exfoliation, have you called the company that manufacturered the lotion maybe they can help...
Hi ZEBRA or should i say PG TIPS

If the product you used contained DHA (dihydroxyacetone) this reacts with the proteins in your skin and turns the top 2/3 layers of the epidermis brown. You will not loose your colour for 4 to 9 days depending on the percentage of DHA in the product.
Sorry but you have to wait for your skin to shed
thanks for all the help guys....i can just imagine me covered in head to toe with soap powder and toothpaste.....it would probably end up solidifying on my body and it would be like a plaster cast....rotflmao.....maybe my tears of laughter will wash some of it away.......anyway i better go and get scrubbing....i will let you all know how i get on

I did exactly the same thing :o thought it would just enhance my tan it did just that but im not all for the streaky look!!

I did shower about a hundred times and exfoliated again about a hundred times (must remember to moisturise as well though)!! but Herman is right you may have to wait for a few days at least before its starts to come away!

Good luck and let me know how you get on
HI stanleyann - have you checked to see if the lotion does contain DHA?
i've not had a chance to check yet, the rest of the lotion is in my car....i am doing some housework just now so i will go get it once i have finished..........i have had my hands in water and all sorts of cleaning products for the last hour and there is not much difference so i dont hold out much hope for it coming off in the shower :sad:

i will let you know how i get on


GO SWIMMING that,ll fade it a bit wallowing in that bleach bath............lol....
Hi there, I sympathise with you so so much, have done this my self and the brutal truth is honey you aint gonner get it off like herman says for a few days, however to make it look a little better why dont you get a tan towel and rub that over, so that the streaks look less obvious. I have done this and ok its not the answer you want right now putting more fake tan on but it will help to even the stripes out.

Good luck and the best thing to do is keep having showers and exfoliating.

Grace x
hi everyone....sorry its taken me so long to reply to this post but i have been so busy i just havent had the time........well i am pleased to say that after showering and a good scrub down most of the colour came off, a few of my nails were still slightly discoloured and my feet were still a bit iffy but all in all it came off pretty well........i will be sooooooooo carefull next time i buy some new sunbed lotions, i dont want to go down that road again...needless to say the remainder of the lotion went where it belongs.......RIGHT IN THE BIN :D

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