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Jan 12, 2003
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Cardiff, Wales
Hey Geekettes!!

Does anyone know where I can get some false nails for toenails?! I know there is such a thing because I saw them in Claires Accessories once but they no longer stock them!

Any help will be appreciated thanks

What exactly are you wanting? I don't do pedis but I do Ac & gel On toes.
I have heard of putting tips on them, but, I just do overlays. P/Ws. Or, if I need to, I put form on, then do a little sculpt. Very easy!
Barbie :silly:
I actually want them as nail art samples for toenails only! lol! That way I have a selection of nail art for finger and for toes!!

Hi Layla,
I have never seen false nails for toes! I am a little wary of them can you imagine if you caught one its bad enough if you ever catch your finger nail!!!

Would like to know though if any of you do extensions of the toes and how popular they are any of you ever had any problems with them etc.

As for displaying your nail art for toes I display all mine on false nails and explain to clients that i can do the design on either toes or fingernails!!!

Lou xxx :D
Hi Layla,

I done a quick search on the web for you during my lunchbreak, but I didn't come up with anything for toenails.

The nearest thing I can find is a short, square nail by Broadway


It's not strictly a toenail just a similar shape.

Don't know if it's any help?

Good luck with your toenail search!!!

Betta do some work now!

Hiya huni

Thanks, they look great! At last lol! ;-) Will give em a go ;)

Hey, Layla - I saw them in my local Boots on Saturday!!!

There was only one packet on the bottom shelf near the French nail polish kits. Made by 'Kiss'. They didn't have a price on unfortunately and no one in the store seemed to know how to do a price check!

I think the staff all thought I was mad getting excited about stick on toenails!!!

My Boots is a large store as it's in a retail park, but if you ask your local Boots it may be something you could ask them to order for you!

Good luck, and I love those toes on your new website!!!

whooo calm down!! lol!!!!
Thankyou so so much for finding this, well Im going to London tomorrow so will find a Boots there and have a peek!!!! :-D

Thnx for the comment about my toenails! lol! Im lovin' em!

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