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Aug 13, 2003
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Penryn, Cornwall
So who do you all want to win?

I have voted for Alex, but it particularly because Alex's sister in law is my daughter's key worker for preschool so I get to hear all the gossip when I drop her off & collect her. There are signs & banners up everywhere in Cornwall to vote for Alex.
Hubby and I watched the first night and I told him to put a tenner on Alex :D Did he listen :?: NO - did I give him grief this evening when she won YES!!! :D :D
It was Alex all the way! I am really pleased she won! :D

However, I couldn't help noticing that she really needs her nails doing! :D
I going to see if she'll let me do her nails when she gets back to cornwall!
ella said:
I going to see if she'll let me do her nails when she gets back to cornwall!

Go Ella - let me know and our PR will send her a goody bag!! ;)
I'm so pleased Alex won! Both me and my boyfriend vote for her a zillion times each week! Alex rocks!!!

goooo ella!
my relatives live in cornwall & i visit with my family at least twice a year.
beautiful place 8)
alex is a massive favourite in our house!
she was the winner from the start. (peter was our other fave)
i would buy an album of her singing ANYTHING!
she should have black nails (voodoo cnd) to complete her image 8)
lol liza xx
Well done to Alex, but did you notice Carolynne's nails - they were lovely!
i wanted alistair to win, because alex could sing and had something there at the beginning and alistair improved each time you watched him, alex had a future anyway in singing because her style was so different, but i feel that it was the last time you would see alistair, where as if he had won then they both would have been up there with the rest of the pop stars
love dye
afternoon all :)

i also knew alex would win and she is a very good and unique singer who will go far i think. But i do tend to agree with dye that in second place she would have still been extremely successful as an artist, whereas alistair may not be as successful had he gotten first place. Im glad though he got second as he thoroughly deserved it for all the work hes put in and has so visibly improved and learnt through the whole fame academy thing. Him and james were always the underdogs - the plain ordinary looking boys who got continous complaint from richard parks so im really glad they both did so well in the end staying in so long.

as for peter :evil: well my opinion changed on him a few weeks ago and in my opinion he isnt doing himself any favours bahaving the way he is now hes out of the house. I did like him at first he was very quirky/entertaining but i think in recent weeks weve seen a different side to him which i dont think will help him at all towards getting a recording contract and a hit song etc

i do love reality tv though lol

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