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Dec 4, 2003
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Hi geeks,

I was thinking of entering a fantasy nail art comp next year except I have a question....

On the Olympia rules, it says that you can design everything beforehand and have an hour to arrange it all....does that mean you can fix full nail tips on with sticky tabs or does it all have to be stuck onto extensions?

In Excel, I think you have to do all the nail art on the day. Is this correct?

Also, is Olympia on next year?

Sorry, I'm really confused!
Sam xxx
Dear Sam

yes The Nailympics will be held on 18th-19th May at Olympia Beauty

Yes you are able to create all the nail work beforehand and adhere it to the nails on the day

They do not have to be sculpted onto extensions - you can apply to the natural nail if you require.

Kind regards
Alex Fox
Thank you so much! I wasn't sure.

I didn't think you could adhere false tips on with glue. Now thats all cleared up, I'd better get started!

Sam xx

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