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Aug 8, 2007
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Do you specify how far you will travel out to clients?Do you travel a certain distance only and if someone wants to to travel futher than what you would normally charge them travel expenses.Or would you just turn the client down and say you only travel within a 10 mile radius(for example).
If anyone does charge travel expenses,how much do you charge?

Thank you:green:
Hi Kerry,

you must decide how far you are willing to travel, I personally travel 10 miles. Any further, you are spending too much time in the car travelling. If they still want to procede I charge £2.50. if its further than a few miles I would charge £5 extra.
If its a pamper party, its £2.50 extra per person.

If anyone queries it, explain that you are spending xxx amount of time in the car, and double it for the return journey, that could be another treatment. If you work on £15 per hour, you will have lost nearly that.
Thanks hippy chick,thats really helpful!:)
Anyone else??
I will do up to 10 miles before I add on but to be honest it depends what the client wants treatment wise, I will travel much further for hair extensions but its more profitable.....I hope this makes sense!

I do a 10-mile radius then charge 80p per mile over that. HTH
I travel to 8 miles, anything over that depends on the treatment. I will travel up to 12 miles for no charge if their minimum spend is £20. Any less and I charge a £10 callout charge. Anything over 12 miles incurs a £10 callout charge as standard. There are plenty of us about and usually it is someone new and not realising just where you are based. hope this helps :)
If they are a new client do they mind being charged the extra for travel:?:
Just wondered what sort of reaction you got:confused:
I haven't had anyone complain outright but had a couple that didn't call back! I'm not fussed, I had explained to them that there was likely to be another mobile therapist closer to them but if they still wanted me then of course I would come over, for the price.
One newbie was recommended me and she was happy to pay the extra. After her first appointment I offered her a discount on future treatments for any other clients she got me in her area. She was thrilled with this and I now have her and two of her friends as regulars. They split the travel charge between them and always tip me too!
I do 10 miles and then add 50p for every additional mile (if it's worth my while going.....)

Hiya, when I first started up I travelled all over the place to all appointments, but it was so tiring and time consuming. Now I am a little busier, I can choose which I take and which I don't...it really depends on how much time you have to spare and if you like driving around all day...I find it a bit of a chore. I do state on my website price list that the charges quoted are for my local operating area only, and other areas will incurr a mileage fee...I think about 40p per mile is acceptable...you have to cover your time as well as petrol. My advice is, when you are starting up, take all you can get...when you are more established, have a rethink. You also have to bear in mind your reasons for going into business in the first place (is it for the money...or is it so you can have more time with your family for instance, in which case, you need to decide what's more important to you. Hope that helps Rachel Durrant - Make-up Artist (Guildford) Home Page
Thank you everyone for all your advice,its been a great help xxx:green:

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