favourite red mixes?!


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Aug 13, 2009
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Hi guys, after some inspiration for my hair.

I am usually a 6/47 type of girl but am looking for something just a bit different, so thought i'd ask my geeks if you have any ideas?

I like anything warmish like 5/75 etc, just always seem to go back to the reddy tones but welcome to a change. just not blonde....ahhh :D
ive just gone dark after being white blonde and used colour touch 4/75, had a lot of comments saying how nice the tone of colour is :) but it is quite reddy so maybe not much different to what you have done before.

*off to have a gander at the colour chart*
Or...i did a girls hair today...came out lovely but quite vibrant (not sure if thats what you want) (or if you want semi lol)
colour touch 55/65 with 0/68 (6cms of 0/68 to 60ml 55/65....but my girl wanted it really vibrant)
like rough cuts I love 55/65, 55/66 is really nice to! I did someones the other day 55/65 and 55/66 slices with a colour touch plus 44/07 base looked so nice!! xxx

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