feel like giving up!


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Apr 8, 2006
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hi all,

Feelin abit low today,I qualified at college back in 2005, did nail services,this included enhancements,mais and pedis,nail art and ear piercing,I really want to do nails as my career,but at the moment i feel confident in doing the silk enhancements as i have been practising that since i finished college,but don't feel like I am any good with acrylic,I completed a days conversion course last year but can only do white tips or natural tips and basically just feel like i'm crap and my dream of working for myself as a nail tech will never be achieved,I can't afford any further training at the moment as all mine and my partners money goes on our house and just living.Any advice you have would be gratefully recieved as I just feel like giving up!x:cry:
Every one of us feels like we will never get the hang of perfecting the white smile with white acrylic, until we do
the only advise you can get is to practice like mad, you don't have to practise on a real hand, it can be a practise hand or just on tips or any other way that works for you, we have all been there and we all have to practise all the time, even the techs that can do a nice smile line are never happy with it and are always trying to improve on it.
Magic answer= practise practise and more practise:hug:
Couldn't agree more with the above post. It's one thing being trained to do a white smile line, it's many many months till you feel really confident about doing it. Anyway, that might be your ultimate aim but hey, where I live there are loads of techs offering natural or white tips and just doing a soak off when necessary and a new set so you can certainly run a business successfully doing that; I usually prefer to use white acrylic unless white tips are specifically requested by the client (which they sometimes are), but tbh I've only using white acrylic for the last 18 months or so, before that I too used either natural or white tips.

I almost felt like giving up at one point, I think I was about 7/8 months into it and encountering a few problems, not least of these being handling tricky clients who take advantage of a new tech. Many tears were shed but I love nails with a passion and was determined not to be ground down. And now I'm so glad I persevered.

Gigi's book Nailclass will help you no end if you haven't already got it.

Good luck, and don't give up hunny, you can do it. :hug:
This is soo tough because when you feel this low its hard to see any light, but what the other geeks have said is sooo true. You just need to practice practice practice. Dont beat yourself up and dont be too harsh on yourself. Are you working doing nails? Or do you just do part-time?

Dont give up! You will come through this dark cloud!

Good Luck

Sorry just read your profile! OK you say you like walking, well print off some special offer leaflets on your pc and get delivering! Just advertise the services you feel confident (i.e using white tips, natural) and when the phonecalls start coming you can either invest in perhaps some 1 to 1 sessions for smile lines or get just spend it! lol!

Either way - you are being positive and pursuing the career you love!!

Good Luck!
Thank you for your advice its cheered me up alittle now,I havent actually got a job in nails just been doing my step mum,her friends and my friends,have always been oo scared to advertise as Ialways felt like i\was not quite good enough.i did push myself to do some leaflets so maybe i should start handing them out,at least then I could earn some extra money for extra training.xx:confused:
Don't give up hun, keep going. You should advertise and just take a deep breath and get out there. When you see what you can do it's the biggest confidence booster.

good luck hun :hug:
Hiya hun, as the others have said, practice practice practice!!! Get yourself some cheap tips from ebay, think mine were £1.99 for 5000, some orangewood sticks and stick them to the end with blutack!!! I have done thousands practising my smile lines!

If you only feel comforatble doing a few services, then only advertise that they are what you offer for now, and as you get more confident whilst you are practising then you can slowly add more srvices to your menu!!

Good luck xxx
If you only feel comforatble doing a few services, then only advertise that they are what you offer for now, and as you get more confident whilst you are practising then you can slowly add more srvices to your menu!!

Good luck xxx
Absolutely, only advertise what you know you can do well. This is the start of your reputation and you only want a good one.

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