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Oct 17, 2005
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Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
:o Ok, a few very lovely messages have been sent to me lately.. and now I feel guilty for having neglected all of my geeky mates :o

I have missed all of you tonnes:!:

I've been running like a crazy chicken with it's head cut-off, about in circles, jumping from one thing to another. I'm EXHAUSTED:!:

Ok, news...

Business has boomed. Bunch of new clients all out of the woodwork, some from flyers, some googled and found me, etc...
Now, I'm solid 6 nights a week without openings unless someone falls ill (you know how it happens sometimes). God help me if I get a migraine, cuase I have nowhere to move anyone on short notice :Scared: . Yup, so it's 6 nights a week, plus friday afternoons and saturday's during the day.

I have put my foot down and flat out refuse to do sundays. I GOTTA take time out somewhere's. I actually went 3.5wks before I refilled my own nails :eek:
I NEVER EVER do that, NOT EVER. But... was busy:confused: Everyone was asking "hey, what? no new art?" Usually, I struggle with myself to NOT do them before 2wks is up because I get bored of the art. AND because I always protect it under gel from the acetone and such I work with... Yup, so now I only get filled ever 3wks or so. THANKFULLY I never get lift on msyelf LOL This time, I even filed them closer to active length because I dont have time to fill them and OMG:eek: If you thought my nails were long before YIKES you should have seen them a couple of days ago HAHAHA:lol:

On the homefront:
My eldest (5.5yrs) graduated from preschool and oh my, she was sooo pretty that day (ok, both my girls were LOL no modest mom here haha). She was so thrilled to get a diploma and had herself a lovely morning... until.... (you knew that there was a'but', right?) until she realized she wouldn't be going to school anymore AND that she wouldn't have the same teacher next year. OMG that did NOT go over well.
She's also doing very well in t-ball. Having a grand time and doing MUCH better than last year.
For those not in the know of what t-ball is: it's basically baseball, with a stand for the younger ones that can't hit a ball that's airborn.
The ball sits on a tee like this:

1/2 the time, she hits the ball when it's airborn (the coach stands next to the pitcher, throws 3balls. If they miss all three, then they are given the tee)

My youngest is still a wee devil, her vocabulary is better all the time. Tried to get her into the pool today EEKS, She screeched like I was killing her. HOPEFULLY, she'll get over her fear soon.

Hubby... well, he's a putz. What more can I say? He and I are gonna have a chat. he's complaining about 50hr work weeks... Ummm my business alone is 40-45.. ADD THE kids and house on top of that... yeah.... I think I have more room to complain than he has LOL:lol:

I miss you all, and hope to chat more soon. I have NOT forgotten you. Everytime I get online to check my email, I'm tempted to come and chat BUT then realize all that I have to get done in a day.. and well, there aren't enough hours.

My best friend is due September 21's.

I designed her babyshower invitation to feature a drawing of a Stork (the one from Dumbo) riding a skidoo (she and her hubby are great skidoo fans all winter long) with a baby basket on the back, saying "special delivery".
It's gonna be on her cake too.
I'm hosting her shower on July 8th.

I'm POOPED lol

Hope to chat more soon.

Giant hugs and smoochies all around

(anyone got a pillow? it's 1:06am and I need to get some sleep now LOL)
My, my, my we have been busy!!! Then again you are always busy...It's a good thing. Glad things are going well for ya babe...give the little ones kisses and hugs from me!! :hug:
you sound a very busy lady, don't appologise for being successful and being booked
solid, that's great news, and i am glad it is all going well for you:hug:

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