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Aug 25, 2008
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Hey guys recently I've had a run of bad luck I tore my cartridge in my knee then went on holiday n it wasn't very good n then caught a sickness bug....since all this has happened my hairdressing seems to have suffered my confidence is at a all time low, passion gone a bit and I'm just not happy with my work and I seem to have complaints and people slagging my work off :/ I'm getting really fed up I'm so tired of worrying all the time n I want it to be like before where I was confident and everyone loved my work :( what do I do ? I feel like giving up so much :( x
Well you don't give up for a start.You take it for what it is a blip in life of which there are many,some of which can be horrendous of which you have no control,some of which will be of your own making by bad choices,some will be other people's making but you learn from these things and you become stronger and move on.
Best thing to do when life is low is take each day as it comes and get through each day.Find something good in that day,do something good in that day,something you enjoy don't look at your life as a whole mess because usually its not.There is always something positive and that's what you need to concentrate on.Have faith that things will get better.
With your work be realistic with yourself do you feel there is room for improvement if you believe so then maybe time for a slow down and some extra training to get you back on track.

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