Fibreglass/silk wraps


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Dec 12, 2011
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At college when we were taught this our tutor told us it was normal to see the fabric through the resin but I've read posts on here where people say you can't see it through the resin at all..I can't do it without it showing through but she said this is fine but I'm not happy with how it looks although my client couldn't even tell you could see the fabric, thanks in advance :)
The Silk & Fiberglass wraps are a bit different at least in Backscratchers they are. The Silk is much finer & very hard to see the mesh, when applied. The Fiberglass is much denser & thicker & you can see it often, although with the coats on top, think the client is usually not going to notice as much as we would. With that said the Fiberglass tends to be Stronger than the Silk, so you have to weigh how much strength they need. (I prefer the Fiberglass because of the added support) Make sure you are completely covering the mesh with resin, if there is a place where it isn't saturated & you continue with application it will really show up thru all layers. Hope this helps!
I put plenty of resin on the nail but you could still see little patches of it, I thought this was normal til I came on here and read threads but it's obviously not :/ thanks for replying :)
The secret to making the fibreglass disappear (and I have used loads of different brands with no problem) is to cover the fibreglass with a layer of resin on every nail then start again at the first nail and do another layer. Only when all five nails have two layers do you activate.
Ah right we were told to activate after every layer! Thankyouu :)

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