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Apr 26, 2003
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hi can u give me a low down of the diff files please...
koala: removing shine natural nail (what else is this one used for)
kanga: shaping free edge natural nail (anything else)
girlfriend: 3 way buffer
outblack: is this for blending?
tuxedo: dont know what this one for...
hot shot: blending?
smoothie: natural nail????
thanks, i got a sampler pack today, however i only used kanga and koala and 1 other in the creative conversion, it was to help with blending but i cannot remember which 1 it i have my hand out waiting to have a set put on...
lv vicx
Basically Vic, you can use any abrasive for anything, but some get certain jobs done faster than others. No one would use ALL the files and buffers durring a treatment -- you'll get your favorites and tend to stick with them.

For me it's always Koala to 'exfoliate' or remove surface oil from the natural nail plate and that it all I use it for (even though they are great for oil buffing) as they are expensive in the UK and Oil eventually breaks any file down.

I use the Outblack OR Hot shot OR Smoothie for tip blending or rebalance preparation as they have a heavier grit. Which ever you decide you like the best.

Kanga for side walls and free edge refinement.

Girlfriend for high shine -- simply THE best.

Tuxedo is great for surface refinement when you don't need to re-shape because you made the nails just perfect with your brush.

Use them all and then decide on your favorites. It's all about choices.
hi ya...thanks for that, i love the kanga...thats my favourite, it is soooooo slim and petite, lovely...i did a set on the trainer hand this afternoon and used the koala, kanga and outblack...didnt need much blending as i put white tips on...
but that kanga is great....vicx
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