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Nov 13, 2003
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I'm a mobile complementary therapist, but now I'd like to be a nail technician, and was looking at the training courses on the internet, and some of them offer 1-2day courses. Is it really enough to go out and then get paying customers? I'd like to go on a 'trustworthy' training, and get decent qualifications. Please let me know how long usually the trainings should last, and where to go to learn. I'm in London.

Thanks for all the advice

Welcome to the board Erika. :D
to answer your question, after much contemplation myself, I've decided going with Creative Nail Design is a popular choice. I've heard so many positive comments about Creative products and the support you get. I had thought about going to college myself to get trained up but on reflection it seems that the general feeling is that it is better to go straight to Creative.

They are a top notch company that offer on going support even after training. They do a Foundation course in liquid and powder, over a period of 4 days. (2/3 week gap between 3rd and 5th day)

I've yet to go on the course but I'm sure there will be loads here on this board who will tell you how productive it is.

If you telephon Creative on: 0113 275 0433, they will send you a brochure detailing their courses etc.
No doubt others will tell you what they've discovered is the best way. At the end of the day the choice is yours.

All the best.

erika0701 said:
and some of them offer 1-2day courses. Is it really enough to go out and then get paying customers? I'd like to go on a 'trustworthy' training, and get decent qualifications.

There is no way that after a 2 day course you will have a full book and producing fantastic nails on day 3.

In my opinion look to the experts in their field for training. If you choose to go the college route you may get a tutor who is a trained beauty therapist who does the occassional set of nail enhancements - or you may be one of the lucky ones and get a well trained nail educator.

My advice is to choose one of the major nail companies - their educators are experts in their field.
Thank you both for your quick reply, I will give Creative a ring, and see how it will go. At the moment I'm really enthusiastic about it, and I haven't even started yet!

Thanks again

The fact that you are in London opens up lots of convenient options to you. You will have several colleges as well as private / product suppliers and wholesalers who will all offer courses.

You should find out the licencing requirements for your area as you may need some formal qualification in order to work in nails (not the case everywhere). Following the formal qualification route can also open up funding opportunities which will not be available for private training.

You may like to wait a while and visit one of the industry exhibitions for which you are well located. At these you will get to meet people from the compaies you plan to involve yourself with. Remember that you would normally train with a company who provides good products as product specific training ensures the best results from any system. Trade magazines can be helpful here too. You might look at their product technology, public brand awareness, marketing support, pricing, delivery/supply arrangements, technical support, and other points.

As for me, I trained with creative (eventually) after some less than acceptable but expensive training with other companies. I reasearched and discovered that creative's liquid & powder product has technological advantages that are not available elsewhere, their staff were so positive and supporting even before I was a customer! and their training had a good reputation. For me they also provided fairly local training. I did not realise quite how much better the training would be compared to the other courses I had done. They have never let me down with deliveries or product, the system works & the clients come back happy time & time again.

My family live in the US and they say that they would only ever use a creative nail technician, and they have nail bars everywhere to choose from.
Hi ya,

As many others on the board will tell you, I would also recomend Creative. Not because the owner of this site is a god in terms of nails and he works for Creative but because of the knowledge and skill every one of their ambassadors has to have and the training they have to go through to teach is absolutely amazing. If you could bottle it all up it would be priceless!!!!

Also, if you subscribe to Nails magazine, my friend and long-term industry fave, Rachel Myatt, has written an article on how to choose the right training course for you.

I would take the advice of other nail technicians on this board and go for Creative!!!
Hi, just PM me your address and i will send you the full info as the Nails one was cut short a bit. Do take your time when working out the right course for you. I trained with Creative to many years ago to mention and have never looked back.

Regards, Rachel Myatt (K-Sa-Ra)
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