Finding a Salon for Creative Spa Pedicure?


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Jess E

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Aug 26, 2006
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Near Croydon
Hi all,
Not sure if I am just being a bit dense here, but I have tried searches on google and as well as on here, but can't find anything.

I'm off on holiday in a couple of weeks and want to get a Creative Spa Pedicure before I go but don't know how or where to look for Salons who offer it?

I'm in South Norwood (near Croydon) so Croydon would be good, or anywhere in SE London.

Any ideas?


If you give Creative a call they will be able to give you all salon's in your area that offer this service.

I'm just going to find the number for you and will add to next post. have a fab hoilday.
Hi Jess

You can either call Creative on 0113 275 0433 to see if they have a list of salons in your area ... or wait until someone on here replies in your area!


PS ... Jo you was too quick for me! LOL
I am mobile and offer CND Spa Pedis but your outside of my normal area.
If Creative can't help and you get really stuck let me know - maybe we could sort something out.
Thanks for all your replies :green:

I knew Creative had some way of letting you know of Techs in your area... just couldnt seem to find it :lol:

Thanks again everybody!

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