First ever Gel Enhancements!!!


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Sep 9, 2009
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North Wales
Hi guys!

I did my first set of gel enhancements on a client today - wondered what you guys thought? I used Brisa gel. I had my training last week at the CND Academy in Manchester, and other than the five nails I did there I haven't done any other gel work other than on my trainer...

Thanks guys xxx :hug:
well done, I cant believe thats your first attempt, they look fab : )
Actually I can't quite believe they're my first set either...god L&P took me months and months to master (and I still struggle at times) but I seem to have taken to Brisa :0)
i cant believe they are your first set, they look fab:Grope:
Thank you :0) I wasn't really happy with my apex though - anyone have any advice on getting a good apex with gel? x
These look like a good start! :hug:
Apex does look a bit wonky in places and for my taste the whites would look much prettier a bit shorter.

Trick to creating the perfect apex?? Place the gel like a 'log' down the centre of the nail and then work from the middle bulk of gel, to each side drawing a little gel at a time from the centre 'log'. The centre log will become your vertical apex to produce a strong result and a beautiful shape with a lovely c curve.

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