First Full Set.


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May 26, 2003
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Dublin, Ireland
Hi all,

Just want to share with you all that I did my very first full set on my own last night. :D
They were not perfect :( but the girl I did them for was quite happy with them. She kept telling me "the were great for some one who has just learned (half way through course with creative nail) and being my first time I did very well". :o
Couldn't get my smile lines right, perfect on one side and totaly out of shape on the other side, any tips on how i can get it right?. :?
Sorry just one more question , read some where about a product called "Line out" does it really work.

Thanks Bernie
I have used line out a lot and it nearly always makes the nails turn yellow, you don`t need it. Geeg had some valuable advice a while back about chasing that line away, if you don`t want to go back over the posts then I`m sure she will go over it again for you.
There is also a tutorial on this site for smile lines and its brilliant, it certainly helped me a lot.
BTW welcome to the board
Well done, Bernie! It's a good feeling when it finally starts to go right, isn't it? :D

I'm with Debs with line out - makes the nail yellow and you don't need it.

I read the advise Geeg gave to, but can't remember what the post was called. Sorry about that.

Keep practising the smile lines, you will get it soon!

The same advice I gave on this board will be taught by your tutor on the day you cover your rebalance/maintenance theory.
"Don't push the river!" and start trying to correct faults with 'quick fix' ideas for people who can't do it right in the first place!!

Practise the techniques taught and you won't need things like line out (which by the way is a very low grade adhesive and certainly nothing earth shattering technology-wise).

Patience ... all will be revealed! :rolleyes:
Well Hun well done.............
The only time you should hear the word line on a fishing trip.......
Love Ruth xxxx
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