First girly holiday....


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Feb 12, 2011
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Merthyr Tydfil - South Wales -UK
Hi all
I have just booked my very first holiday with the girls. :Scared:

We are going to Calella in Spain on 7th May, for 4 nights all inclusive :biggrin:

We are planning a chilling break where we sit round the pool in the sun (fingers crossed) and relax most of the time so I am a little worried I will end up sitting there feeling awful about my kids and boyfriend being stuck back home.

I'm sooo excited about going away but I am already finding myself feeling a bit guilty for leaving my 4 kids & boyfriend and am wondering if anyone has any tips on coping with these feelings and not letting them ruin my little break away with the girls.
Well done you. I think you need to remember that it's only for a few days. Do your best to enjoy it especially if you don't go away often.
Tell yourself that you deserve it and what a waste it would be to spend the time feeling guilty.

Have a great time. :)
Aw Baggybear i hope u have a wonderful time!! Try not to feel guilty as u are perfectly entitled to a break, as is ur bf, as is all the girls u are going with im sure!! Its just a short break, keep in touch with home if it reassures u :) ul be back to reality in no time at all lol!! Xx
I think I have decided that a happy mum will mean a happy family so a few days away for me to rest and let my hair down will do us all good.
Have a great trip!
Enjoy, enjoy! You totally deserve it.

You may find the all-inclusive package will soften your feelings of guilt :)
I remember going away when my girls were small & I felt guilty as hell before I went. However, once I got there I really enjoyed it & I recharged my batteries.
I got back feeling refreshed & ready for anything.
You will obviously miss your kids, but not to the extent that you wont enjoy yourself.
Have a fab time xx
sounds lovely, have a nice time.

you work hard so your little break is well deserved x

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