First spray tan since training!


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Mar 28, 2012
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Okay so only one problem occured!
i tested my machine and tan on my mum who is quiet a heavy girl around the waist however is a huge 38HH chest size!
i had put a little barrier cream on her hands so i didnt want her touchin her breasts and the tan not taking to wer she had placed her hands so i left her breasts till last and used the hoose to dry off the rest of her tan and then wiped off her barrier cream then got her to lift her breasts however it wasnt so bad once she washed of the guide colour my problem is between her chest is a little green is this just from heat? anything i can do to prevent it! ?
She didn't have any perfume she forgot to remove did she? Perfume and deoderant tend to turn green when they react with tan xx
Yep, perfume, deodorant and other products left on the skin can react with the guide colour. Also medication and hormones can cause greenness.
Was the green still there after the guide colour was washed off?
I have found personally that some self tans I used went a bit green in between my boobs and I put it down to it getting a bit sweaty- lovely picture I know lol xx
i had only planned to do her legs and once i done her legs she was like awk go on do the top half so thats exactly whats wrong she had deo on thanks !

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