First two days! Is this normal?


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Jul 31, 2003
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Oh my god! Have just opened my salon and am really excited by the response, had a couple of customers in first few days (1 Manicure, 1 Enhancement, 1 Manicure gift vouchers), some bookings (2 overlays) and loads of interest. Looks like my local newspaper ad has paid off - Hope it is not an initial flurry and then nothing :D

The ad used the Creative images and Nicole has been great, and very very patient with my local paper, but it really looked professional.

Was not too please with my first set of nails though :( I took longer than I thought, and her phone was ringing off its head which was offputting. Still they were OK, just not as good as some I have done before. Did that happen to others.

Just wanted to know if others had good initial responses, and what happened then :?: Did they do great nails straight away :?:

any advice on starting out and keeping going well received.

:D Tomorrow no work :)
Love to all
Lesleyxx ;)
I'm sure that you will be fine.............and no I don't think it will be a flash in the pan so to speak............

It takes time to build up a good client base and there will be days and even weeks where you could be busier.............but thats just how the bizz goes..............

As for your work..........
First shop set nerves, you wanted to make them the best ever?????
Her phone kept ringing, she kept answering it, so distractions are not helpful.......................
Was my first salon set great no, don't think was good but not great....................
With each service you become more confident in your own surroundings, that will show in your work, confidence and a great attitude, breed great nails......
So keep up the good work
love Ruth xxxx
Congratulations on opening your salon.

I wish I could show you my appointment book for this year. I officially opened in January 2003. You can see the business building up from around two clients per day at the beginning, to a fully booked situation by May.

I found high quality leaflets dropped through letter boxes on a Sunday afternoon (nothing else through the door at that time), and leaflets in local hairdressing salons excellent. It is also worth checking your local supermarkets. Most have boards where you can put up a poster or leave business cards for free. The Yellow Pages is also a good way to advertise.

I did all my advertising in the first few weeks, after that it seemed to snowball via word of mouth.

I was not totally happy with my first salon set on a "real client", it took ages and I was very nervous. However, I quickly gained confidence (and got better and faster). I am proud of every set I do now and base my business on high quality and high customer service. I think for this reason I have a very strong regular client base.

I wish you every success, its a great business to be in - what other job allows you to chat to other women all day?!!! :) I love it.

Hi Lesley,

Congratulations on the new venture, I hope to be doing the same in the next 12 - 24 months :D .

It sounds like you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.
hi, i opened my salon 2 weeks ago, did a lovely spread in the paper and intial response from it was fab...cost me £500 like but it got my foot in the door, ive covered my expenses from day 1...this week has been quieter that the first week but thats expected...however ive still covered in the paper again this week which will hopefully remind people im there...
i deliverded 4000 leaflets and have had 1 customer from the leaflet i wont be doing that poor feet were dying for a spapedicure...
im getting some postcard size leaflets done up...costing £50 for 2000...going to take them to local hairdressers etc, and im going out on saturday and going to leave them in pub toilets...give to my friends to put in their work places etc etc...
im on and had a few responses from that but not many at not in yellow pages as i missed this years but will be in next years...
my first appointment the day i opened took me hours...i was sooooooo nervous, people were wanting me, etc etc....anyhow now im down to a good time and i feel so much more comfy...i love my salon, its like my 2nd home, i wouldnt want to be anywhere else working...
my ickle sister works full time for me as a tanning technician and receptionist and she is going to train to be a nail technician...
anyway good luck...
oh 1 more thing, im above a hairdressers so im getting a A Board delivered this week for outside the salon to let passers by know where i am...vicx
Hiya to all of you that replied, :) thanks a thousand times, that has really helped me. I guess nerves are to be expected, and I didn't expect miracles in the first few weeks (I read the info sent to other people about taking two years) and I really understand that - and am old and wise enough - to wait patiently!

Every set of nails has been an improvement on the last, so will keep going and know that it cant be any worse (unless they fall off etc etc). :?:

The information you have all given has been great too, I will not bother with mail drops (have done them before and they are rarely successful), but think I will do an advert in another local paper covering a slightly different area, as this has worked, and I hope that people will keep the paper and use when they need someone for nails. I was too late for Yellow pages, but have got into Thompsons, and have taken some to local hairdressers, will do the rest next week.

To Ruth, will keep looking confident, even if paddling beneath the surface, and I have to say, having had my own nails done, I did better than some others have achieved! I just wasnt prepared to go back a step, but I guess that it is just new surroundings. However, everyone else loves the "feel" of the salon area . Vanilla Shimmer is going down a treat too!

To Vic great idea re A board! :D
To Glynis you are right re Word of Mouth, always the best form of advertising.

Looking forward to next week! :p
Love Lesleyx

PS Sorry took me ages to reply, my modem disconnected itself this morning, and I spent all day fixing it - must be giving up cos looking at too much!!!!! :D
Just wondered where you get the A boards from?
Hi, usually you can order these from a Signwriter. Worth looking up in your Yellow Pages and getting a couple of quotes, can be really really expensive, or reasonable, depending on the materials used and artwork involved.

Would suggest you look at other peoples in your area, the signwriters usually put their logo on, you can see whose look good first.

Good luck.

PS Sometimes called A Frames,
PPS Think of a budget first and stick to it - can spend loads!!!

Good luck with your new salon :D :D :D

I started last week in a hair salon, and i have had an average of 2-3 a day, It will pick up.... we just need to build up a client base.

I am sure you will be fine

Take care

Cazza :D :D
Hi Cazza

Well good luck to you, it is nice to know others are going what you are - I guess most of the issues will be the same and those that have been in the industry for years will have all been there!

I have had some real encouragement from a local Nail Tech, who after 3 years is taking no new clients, she has been great. I have had 1/2 people each day and a few bookings - the clients that have been have rebooked, I am really happy with this as my shop has never had "nails" in before. People have seen the advert though and I am doing another in a local paper.

Hope all goes well, and keep in touch.
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