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Aug 1, 2003
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Hi guys....need advice.

I have just applied acrylic enhancements to a lady today and the more i think the more I am not sure whether I have done the right thing!

She is a 45/50 year old lady and her nails were flaking. Two questions really:-
Should I have left alone and just manicured and oiled??
What causes flaking, is it just a middled aged thing?

I told the lady I would find out what was causing the problem by asking you guys!

Please, please help! :rolleyes:
Wow! Good question! (Probably one that I should know the answer to! :oops: )

I always recommend SolarOil to strengthen the nail.

However, Ladies come to me who have problems with growing their nails but don't want the tips. They want an Acrylic Overlay over the natural nail.

That way, their own nails are growing, but they have added strength during that time. Am I doing the right thing?

I always recommend that they put the SolarOil on 3 times a day, otherwise their nails may be no stronger once the overlay comes off than to when it was put on.
Good advice BN03.

Flakey nails are dry nails. An enhancement strengthens this type of nail but will not cure the dryness. They will still be dry after removal.

ToughenUP is a great product fro those who want to keep nails natural but improve their condition. Of course solarOil is a must for this type of nail as well.
thanx for yr replies, i will pass this information onto my client who was very puzzled about the problem!

thanx again :D
Looking back at your post Kara, we didn't really answer your question as to why it was happenning only the bit about whether or not it was a good idea to enhance it!! :( sorry.

What causes flakey nails? Well the age group you describe is the age when nails do start to go a bit drier and sometimes ridged as well. Part of the old ageing process I'm afraid but other things can contribute too. The length --- the longer the nail the older it is at the free edge. Activity ---- is she putting more pressure on her nails than before, new hobby, gardening, working with paper???? Is she in moisture a lot? Wearing rubber gloves?? general health ---- nails and hair tend to show the dry symptoms of aging and sometimes ill health. Basically so many things can contribute to this very common problem so your client needn't be puzzled.
Geeg - you know how these flaky bits and pieces are loose? Do you think it's ok to remove them? They're not stuck down - so the product isn't either. I would remove them, yet I know it must be a bit dodgy!! What do you think??

Usually if you are going to enhance this type of nail my method would be to gently file the free edge back as far as you can on the angle until (9 times out of 10) you hit solid nail. Then enhance. I would certainly go for a wrap system (like fabric# ..had to get that in there) which would tend to hold everything together just beautifully.

I agree with Mandy that you should certainly gently buff any flakey bits that are remaining away, but not to the point where it would make the nail plate too weak to support the enhancement.
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