Flamingo Nails


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your pic isnt large enough for my tired,old eyes,lol. if you put up something larger the critique would be easier..the smile line etc is difficult to see well:hug:
I agree - needs to be a little larger and clearer to see to be able to give any opinion.

Sorry my camera is not much cop. I have made the picture larger. So hopefully you can comment now. My god it makes you feel a bit nervous having someone comment on your work.

Thats heaps better! Ok, the length is good, nice and thin. Smile lines are neat..i would be concentrating on a more defined under arch..plus work on your apex..the thumb looks a little flat in that area..also, maybe its just the pic but the free edge looks a little uneven? make the last stroke on your free edges..this will help keep them sharp looking. The line of light looks a little off on most nails, spend a little more time on your finishing to help sort that out. Otherwise they are quite natural looking..and best of all they are not thick..but watch your apex..clients may be likely to break if they are kept thin in that area.

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