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Jan 30, 2003
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Was asked a question last week if I did flat nail art, I assumed it was free hand nail art which is what I currently do, is this correct :rolleyes:
I must say I've never heard of this Julie. If your freehand nail art is flat then you can say 'yes' you do do it!!!!

I supposed raised nail art would be like embossed art or acrylic 3D art.

Sorry I couldn't help further.
Yup...Flat nail art is handpainted or airbrushed.

If you use 3d acrylic, or if you're like me and enjoy adding weirdness to your nails ie chain, ribbon etc, then this is not flat nail art.

This is reading by my terms anyway!! What else could flat nail art be?!!!!

Yes flat nail art...handpainted :flower:
ladies, have never heard the terminology before but I have now, am more confident now, will tell me clients I do flat nail art. ;)

Am getting all excited about Sunday at Olympia, am getting me airbrush system, have pre-ordered me stencils that come with the kit and have been advised about what colour paints I want, told DH that I shall be playing with it when I get home on Sunday, am not in work until mid-morning on Monday so am raring to go, also can't wait for me airbrush course on the 30th March. :D

Have just done the burberry check on my little nails with the free-hand nail art it looks well good, shame digi camera not working on me laptop at the moment I would post a piccie, will hopefully get this sorted soon tho, want to show you ladies me airbrush efforts. :D
And don't forget Julie that you're going to come and see me and get your nails airbrushed ;) !!!
Ooh you're getting an airbrush at OLYMPIA?? If this is what you mean, whom from and how much? I want one too :)

Why don't the both of you have a look at K-Sa-Ra's airbrush kits? They were doing free training when you purchased one of their kits at the show. I don't know if they're still doing it or if they'll be cheaper than others but it's worth having a look.
am definately coming to see you to get me nails done, am even having me maintenance done saturday night at 6 pm (this is when my last client leaves) :D Want me nails done with the tiger strips Kelly how much will it be?

I have already ordered me airbrush kit from All Things Nails, have got the salon kit, will not disclose how much you might fall off your chair, am doing me airbrush course will Melle on the 30 March. ;)

Have took 3 bookings today for airbrushing already, can't wait till Sunday I can tell you. :D

It's £10 for a full set or you can get one done free (but does anyone actually want just one done?!!!) :?

You don't have to disclose the price to me. I know how expensive it can be! :D Just make sure you use it and don't get fed up with it and leave it in the cupboard like I did. I tried to teach myself and got so frustrated I threw it in the cupboard and didn't get out until about a year later. I then decided it was best to do a course and, hey presto, I could airbrush.

But you have got to practice. Do your mum's nails, friends - god, I even did my husbands (ssshhhhh, don't let him know I've told you!!). :D It'll be worth it in the end. Melle's a fab lady and even better airbrushing artist. I call her The Airbrush Queen. She's the next best after me!!! :rofl: :rofl: Just kidding - she's brilliant!
will definately be there, have put that on me list first thing to be done.

Melle has really helpful about the kit and the course etc. The plan was to get me airbrush system at nail show in september, but being as I have been doing really well at salon and we have had a lot of enquiries about it and there is no other nail salon in our town that owns a system it was too good an opportunity not to get one.

As you can tell from me nickname I have to have all the latest gadgets and this will be my newest addition.

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday Kelly.
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