Flip flop season needs to hurry up!!


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Nov 24, 2011
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Sutton In Ashfield, Notts
I am sick of my shoes rubbing my Shellac off my second to last toe!

The weather seriously needs to warm up so I can show off my sparkly toes with pride!
I've been wearing flip flops since mid Feb lol - the odd day in trainers when it's just tooo wet for flip flops but most of the time I'm showing off my pretty blue lightening Minx :D.
My feet get so cold! I end up getting chilblains.

Hurry up summer. When we had that really hot week I brought new flip flops but by the time they arrived in the post it was raining again :( typical x
I am a member of the official we love flip flops society!!!
Live in them at all times apart from at work where we arent allowed them so i wear satin type ballet pumps but as soon as i get home its flip flops on!
I had toes shellaced at work 4 weeks ago with the hotski and a lush glitter to match and they havent budged,even when im in my dog walking boots!
Am really seriously suffering from vit d and sun deficiency right now and have no hols abroad booked this year due to big car and house bills :sad::twisted:
Hehe i love wearing them too...in fact when i come into salon...il wear them even though i dont encourge it for everyone else. Im such a hypocrite! Im wearing bright emerald green atm. I love my rockstar toes for summer, everyone compliements and books it in when they see mine....so dual promotion ...haha! xoxo
Maybe they should make see-through flats for when it's too cold and wet to show off our toes :lol:
Maybe they should make see-through flats for when it's too cold and wet to show off our toes :lol:

Actually I have seen these before in a shoe store around here, they are made of plastic though and weren't very flattering! Maybe that is where the nicely polished toes could make up for it!

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