Flooding in North Devon


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Jun 11, 2004
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To all North Devon Geeks. I'm thinking of you all & hope you're all safe & well in the flooding xx
oh i hadnt heard about this.........were off there on saturday CAMPING!!!
It was on GMTV this morning. Can't remember the exact name of the place where it happened, it began with B & ended in Castle (I think) but they had a months worth of rain yesterday & it has flooded the place completely. It looked really bad. There were cars bobbing all over the place like corks & everyone is bedding down in the leisure centre. They're forcast more rain today & some don't know when they can go home, if they have a home left. There are also 15 people unnacounted for. It's serious stuff but only in a small area, I think.
oh, thats awful! hope everyone's ok? were off to woolacombe, think were up high on a cliff so hopefully that wont flood......probably get blown away! This is our first time camping and all i keep hearing about is freak weather!
Aspirations said:
oh i hadnt heard about this.........were off there on saturday CAMPING!!!

Its given sunshine for sat there so u should be fine :cool:
Hey Sherrie,

I;m off to cornwall on sat too!! The flooding looked really scary, luckily i am going to Falmouth which is the south coast.

Please Geeks all keep your fingers crossed for us, that it will be nice weather.

Lisa xxxx
I've got everything crossed for you x
To all you Geeks coming to Cornwall - DON'T PANIC!!!!! :)

We live about 12 miles from Boscastle and we didn't get anything like the rain that they had......the flooding was very localised (Is that a word?!!!) It all happened within a very small area.

Anyway, forecast for the rest of this week is not too good......just a normal cornish summer really!!!

Lets just hope the sun shines soon!!! ;)

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