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Sep 8, 2003
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Hi everyone,
I am designing some flyers to post through letterboxes in the next couple of weeks to advertise my services. I only have a couple of regular ladies at the moment as I work from home. Wondered if anyone could give me advice on this. I especially want to know:

Should I include my address......? I don't really want to as I would rather people ring me first and only have my address if they make an appointment.

Should I include any prices on my flyer....? I was thinking of leaving prices off until they phone as I don't want my flyer to include too much information.

I have included a paragraph which suggests that a client may want beautiful nails for Christmas, airbrushed art of either subtle or wacky designs, I suggest a pedicure for those tired aching feet after too much shopping and also, in-case a loving husband reads my flyer, I am suggesting the gift of a personalised gift voucher.

I am obviously including my logo which is fairly colourful and am printing them on A5 paper. I will be ringing Designer Nails tomorrow asking for permission to use the Creative logo too as I have completed my foundation course recently.

Any other suggestions or advice would be most welcome.

Thanks everyone

I'm just about to do mine.
I've not included my address, just phone numbers- you could put your area/village.
You don't need to put your prices if you don't want to, maybe put special offers available for xmas or along those lines.

Good Luck

Carrie xxx
I wouldn't include the address especially if you want to work by appointment only. I would include prices though. I dislike when I get a brochure for something and the prices aren't included. It immediately makes me think it's very expensive. I've done a little brochure/menu type thing for my little business and I give a brief blurb on all services available, my hours, sanitation procedures and cancellation policy. My clients love it. It's done on 8x11 coloured paper and folds in half. If you would like I could e-mail you a copy of it.

LuLu in Canada
Hey Lulu,
Thanks for your kind offer, that would be cool. Please e-mail to [email protected]

Thanks a lot. I'll let you know how I end up doing mine

All the best


I have just trained and now a mobile tech - also needing ideas on getting clients!!!! have about 6 now.

I did a leaflet that i give out to my clients when they have booked and I do their nails but also an aftercare advice leaflet! - i am going to do some leaflets to put through doors and also need a couple of ideas.

how about some of these?????

1. Dont put prices on the leaflet due to the fact that when they phone you can really sell over the phone (e.g all the nail art etc.......)

2. Put on the leaflet that after their first appt i will give them a discount on a rebalance (thought it would make them come back for more).

I dont know what do you think - like you said you dont want too much information - put it on bright paper in bold letters - i know that if i got an alluminous pink piece of paper through my door i would look at it!

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