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Aug 9, 2015
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Just a quick debate or question , stylist who i trained with and taught me they put the base colour on the roots then do the highlights then take the base colour inbetween the foils if needs but recently a new stylist has come and she doesnt do the roots first she does the highlights then floods inbetween the foils am intrigued which do you all think is the best methods? And better outcome ?
Wow that's sounds so time consuming!! Definitely highlights first then the base all over if needed. Sometimes just top up the root is all that needs to be done x
I do it foils first flood last too
I foil then flood.

However if I balayage I do roots, rinse, dry, balayage, rinse, tone, dry
I always foil and then paint the base colour, although I know some do it the other way. Once at the Goldwell academy the tutor told me they do it that way because the bleach is the strongest product and that way it is on the least time. I would rather adjust my developer strength, even if it means using different developers along the hair shaft.

The only time I lighten with colour on the roots is with balayage, and even then I prefere the roots pretinted and dried before painting especially if painting up to the scalp. The reasons are that you cannot section tinted hair the same way as it sticks to itself when you try to take a section, and secondly the tint lowers your lifing power and can leave uneven/ brassy areas.
I foil then flood and drop my developer down to accommodate the extra time. Find this works best for timings and result I've not actually ever done it any other way xx
I can remember doing roots first and then foil when I did my level 2.
I've not really done it that way since because it takes too long.

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