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Gigi is right, there is a difference. Although its a bit confusing! :shock: I sell creative varnishes as i love the quality. I also sell Nubar, mainly for the Moodies and Shocks, as they are also "F" free. Check out the labels to be sure, or ask for an MSD sheet. :D
Nearly all professional polishes contain TFS RESIN. That is why they work so much better than the kind you can buy from the shops.

TFS """RESIN""" is in a different form than straight formaldehyde and I have had many customers who said they were allergic to formaldehyde wear Creative Polish without any problem because the formaldehyde is in RESIN form. I hope that everyone now understands the difference.

If in doubt, try it on a nail and see if there is any problem. If the client was allergic she will feel it within 12 hours. I have never had anyone allergic to Creative Polish. And I would stake money on the fact that OPI polishes contain it too.
I believe OPI enamels may be Formaldehyde free - you could check them out to see if they are.


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Oct 13, 2003
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Hi guys and Gals

Just wondering if anyone knows which brands of nail polish are formaldehyde free?

Please tell me
Jo xxxx
Off the top of my head... I cant think of a pro line that can make that claim of their enamels as just about any pro line will contain TSF resin (the 'F' is formaldehyde) as it is the hands down best for enamels.
Saying that... many customers allergic to the 'F' word can still get away with TSF resin applications... But if she shows symptoms of reactions from a TSF based enamel application... your best bet is to usually look toward retail based enamels as most cant use TSF resin ;)
aha I seeeeee Thank you for that, oh fount of all knowledge.

next question why can't they use it?
I have a client who is allergic to F

She uses a brand from M & S

Hi guys again

A very good friend of mine tells me (NOW!) Zoom is formaldehyde and toulene free - this is available from Supernail - thanks spikey!!

ta luvvies :rolleyes:

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