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Apr 1, 2005
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Brentwood, Essex
Guys and Gals,

Just looking for some feedback really. I'm seriously considering trying to get things in motion either to study for a foundation degree in Beauty Therapy Management, or for a Bsc (Hons) in International Spa Management. I have a scientific background, with A-Levels in Biology and Chemistry (albeit obtained nearly 10 years ago now), and it was the science bit of beauty therapy that i was really interested in and driven by... but i suppose I'm having a bit of trouble seeing how/why this type of qualification would be useful and/or recognised by the industry.

If I did try and do it it would mean serious financial hardship for my boyf and I as I would either need to give up my current full time job completely, or go part time, and we only just make it month to month as it is... but something inside me is screaming with wanting to do this. I was supposed to go to uni to study Biochemistry when i originally left school, but i changed my mind at the last minute as there wasn't the funding for me to be easily able to do it.

Oh. I just don't know what to do.... any feedback on the courses to start with??
Beauty Therapy Management (Foundation Degree)
University of Derby - International Spa Management BSc (Hons) (Online)

Ooooh, well, I'm going back here but I worked as a career advisor whilst traning in nails, so I'll put that head back on and say;

1) Look at or list your reasons for choosing this particular qualification? Ask yourself why this field, why management, why the degree?

2) Evaluate your answers. Is is because you want to manage a large chain of salons or spas? Is it because you really want to be in the beauty industry.

3) Once you've answered one and two, look at other career paths that may not involve such a financial committment for so long a period. Perhaps you could train as a therapist or hairdresser and work your way into management?

I would always strongly advice that the job market is saturated with graduates (me included) and we're having to start on the same job ladder as school leavers. There is absolutely no equivalent to experience and the knowlege gained from experience. You should be 100% confident that this course will get you the job you want if you do go for it.

Get in touch if you need more help. Happy to chat.


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