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Dec 6, 2012
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I've just received my shellac certificate but I didn't realise it was so big! I'd love to put it in a frame but can't seem to find one that size that isn't ridiculously expensive! Where did everyone get there's from? I'm looking for a white one xx
I got mine from eBay just put in a3 certificate frames x
Try the range or Wilkinsons xx
Yes Ebay is good for frames.
Yes I second wilkinsons, got mine there and they were about £3-4!
I got my white one for my CND acrylic conversion certificate in the range about 6 months ago. Pretty cheap too. CND's certificates look lovely on the wall in all fairness, makes my NVQ certificates look pretty poor ;-/

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Wilkinsons size of frame does not fit the CND certificates, I buy the bigger size 16"x 21".
I got mine from wilkinson for £8 x
I got the bigger one than the certificate size.
So funny I was just thinking about what size frame to buy for my (fingers crossed) Cnd naturally and l&p cert! As I'm going to buy for other certs now, am going to buy for this at same time in advance. Can anyone measure there's and let me know dimensions pls? :)
I got all mine from ikea
What size is that one? Xx

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Not sure, I took my certificate with me to wilkinsons! I could measure but not back in the salon until Wednesday x
I'm going to ikea tomorrow night, any other kind CND tech able to advise the CND certificate dims ? :wink2:
I've just got my frames from the range I think there were £3.99 each I got 30x40cm which is a tiny bit too small width ways but I've just folded the side of the certificate over. The next size up was 40x50 I think xx

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IKEA do the best size for CND certificates.

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