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Nails At The Hat Hire Company

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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
in this months trade mags there seems to be a couple of nail companies offering francises...millenium nails is one, and i know nails inc and alessandro do this sort of thing.... it means you are using/retailing solely to company products..... Now i would jump at this sort of chance.... however, and please correct me if any body knows from experience to the contrary about millenium, nails inc and the others, but after lots of reading, internet searching,pouring over product/company brouchures and hearsay (and i must say its a bit like going into thorntons and only being able to afford one choccie!!) and doing a one to one with anne swain and her lovely daughter, i would kind of feel that i had let myself down a bit and my clients as OBVIOUSLY,one would like to be completely sole users of creative.
However the Franchise experience really does appeal, not for laziness, but that you can be completely 'under a wing' - or two.
Only being a 'young' - as in experience - nail tech surely this is the prime time for a francisor to be able to 'mould' a tech into a brilliant/outstanding nail tech & buisness woman.
anyway really i would like to hear from anyone that has taken this route and their experiences good bad and indifferent......many thanks

(ps and creative can i be top of list if you ever consider this - or if gigi decides to return to uk, oxfordshire in particular, for a whole six months of one to one with me!!!)
Creative treats all its customers with the support they would give to a franchisee without the fee. We have a brilliant PR company that gets the brand mentioned in every major glossy magazine .... we supply you FOC with beautiful images ... we support events that get us noticed and we have ongoing education to make you the best you can be and it all benefits YOU the Creative user.

A franchise is no guarantee of success -- in fact how many successful nail franchises can you name??? I can't think of only one and they use Creative products exclusively. Most are in fact loosing money.
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