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Dec 1, 2011
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Hi ladies.. I'm opening a salon next month & wanted to give out goody bags with free samples, I've emailed loads of suppliers, such as lancome, max factor etc but none of them are interested, any help would be appreciated on what u think I should do to make the opening day special.. Il have a cocktail & chocolate fountain, also dome vouchers & a prize raffle for a free makeover.. Thanks for taking the time to read :) xx
I'm thinking of doing an open day soon (waiting for the weather to pick up just a bit) I have found the same problem. I did get some sachets from sparitual but I had to buy them. I can't seem to find many suppliers that do anything like that. Hope it goes well ;) x

Not sure of your products ranges but dermalogica are amazing with supplying you for events ive just had £200 worth of event stuff from them.. Sienna x also gave me samples when i asked a while ago although i do stock st. Tropez now but they may be worth a try :) sorry if thats no help at all lol x
You can buy sienna X sachets from them boxes of 50 not very expensive not free of course but thought might help x
Thankyou :) I'm going to be using dermalogica & have spoke with rep etc, il maybe give her a call tomorrow :) thankyou ladies.. Much appreciated.. Good luck with opening of your new salon too hun xx
I have seen these think I'm going to get some x

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