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May 17, 2003
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I give a pinkie of Solar Oil & a can opener(pop)(I get them cheap from my betterware man) from expereince seem to get a lot of breakages from opening cans of pop.

Am I being too generous or does everyone give a little bit of something to their new clients?

Divas Nails
Brill Idea, might have to borrow that one from you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Ruth xxx
... that is ingenius - well done a cute and cool idea..that let's your clients know you REALLY thought about them :salute: !!! Well Done :thumbsup:
... containing a tiny bottle of Solar Oil, a little bottle of Scentsations (the 1/2 oz when I can get them, bigger if I cant!) which they can choose, a white buffer block to smooth out any problem until they can come in, and a few sticky stuff (nail repair) to "fix" a cracked nail until they can get through the door... Of course they also do get a pamphlet with a list long like the arm of things NOT to do and things to do...
Well, at least they can't complain they haven't got what it takes at home... :D
I think I`d be a bit worried about giving them a repair kit, whay if they broke a nail a few days after having the nails done, repair it themselves but wait until next appointment before they go back to you. They could have an bacteria built up in that time by repairing badly. If they broke a nail and didn`t have a repair kit wouldn`t they come back sooner without the offending bacteria present????

I only give them about 2 stickies. And then they get my long long speech :D about giving me a call straight away after applying one to their nails so I can fit them in as soon as possible. I tell them about keeping it as dry as possible, and not leaving it for days. I explain in GREAT DETAILS about bacteria, mold and so on :twisted: ... and by the look on their faces, they do get the message. They are also told when to apply a sticky and when not to. If they have a little chip, then don't bother; if they have some lifting here and there (but that NEVER happens... :shock: ) then don't bother. If they fall on their nail and crack it and it's hanging a bit loose, then clean it up with antibacterial solution, try avoiding water, stick it on and give me a call.
I have to say that so far, I only have had 2 clients coming with stickies on and they have been "repaired" the same day, after working hours.
I personnaly prefer to know that they can stick something loose back on (doesn't quite sound right said like that ... :? ) until they can come to see me rather than pulling it and do more damage to their own nail.
Great idea, Nikki!

I'm gonna have a word with my Betterware man!

Wonder if his wife would like her nails done!!!??? :D

Kx :D
great ideas nats and nikki shows the clients that you care about their extensions after they have left you might have to borrow one of your ideas lol

:D :D
Put like that nats, it sounds a good idea.........
thats what I love about this board, so many different views and so much advice, one can easily change their mind about something. I`m definitely going to give that some thought.

Just wondering where you get the pinkie solar oils etc from :?: Also, anyone know where on the internet I can get gold & silver leaves etc at a good price?

Sharon :rainbow:

Get my pinkies from Creative direct 0113 275 5719 I think that is the number. You can get them in packs of 20 or 40.

Divas Nails
nats said:
I explain in GREAT DETAILS about bacteria, mold and so on :twisted: ... and by the look on their faces, they do get the message.
Oops ..... I said the M word.... My mistake :oops: .... No Mold on the nail plate....
Thanks Mrs Geek for ever so gently pointing it out to me... :queen:
Right girls just had a thought.................
Oh no not again they shout lol

why not a nice bottle of polish and a keyring, you know the type, where you can press the centre out and put a piccie in ???
Well put in you Logo and Phone number
put the two together and bobs your uncle or brush lol

Love Ruth xxxx
What a great idea just been onto to ebay to see if they have any keyrings!

Divas Nails
:D Thanks for the info. Do I have to be Creative trained to order & how much are they for the packs?
sharonjanegreen said:
:D Thanks for the info. Do I have to be Creative trained to order & how much are they for the packs?

You are more than welcome to buy Solar Oil but they may ask for a service menu or some such, to prove you are in the profession so-to-speak! :shock: You must be Creative trained to buy Liquid + Powder - the professional products!! Hope this helps! ;)
Thanx for that. Will my Bio Sculpture registration number do as 'proof of profession'? ;-)
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