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Mar 2, 2004
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Now I'm sure this has been answered loads of times before but I've been asked to do a French Manicure :eek: .....and if my smile lines are anything to go by on my enhancements then my white tip will be terrible!!! What is the best way?? And which varnish does everyone recommend?

Thank you..

I did my best-ever french manicure at the weekend using a white striper nail art paint. You get much better precision with it and can also do more funky french manicure designs with it.

Hope that helps.
Hi Heather,

There was a similar thread to this the other day but I can't remember where it is! :rolleyes: anyway with french mani's I use Essie Ballet Slippers and Adore a Ball (however I have just ordered some of Creatives colours), I apply my white with a smooth single sweep across the nails then take a pointed brush (it was a Light Elegance gel brush never used with gel) and dip into CND's Nailfresh, wipe lightly on some table tissue so it isn't soaking but still wet and perfect the smile line with this in the same way you would after applying your white L&P, it's also a good technique to use after applying any polish to go around the cuticle and side walls so it's all neat and tidy. Let it dry a little and then apply your pink or beige. Jxx
for about 99p you can get some guides from superdrug, might be worth trying them before you do a rela one so to speak?
Thanks guys!

I found an old thread actually on French Manicures and one of the favourite enamels seem to be Creme Puff and negligee from Creative. I'll definately buy these!! Can anyone guide me in the direction of price? I have on my price list SpaManicure and Luxury SpaManicure(with wax) but haven't a price for:-

File/Cuticle treatment/polish
File/Cuticle treatment/French polish.

Can anyone help?? Don't want to under/over price.

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