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Sep 10, 2003
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I had a client the other day who asked for nail enhancements but wanted the blush powder but painted white tips? - I did advise that the permanent French was better but she was adamant that that's what she wanted (client is always right) (not!!!!)

What is your advice on making sure you get that perfect smile line with freehand??

hiya didi
i'm afraid this is a case of good ol' practise :(
but, to get u on the right track, make sure u have got a really good enamel, cnd's cream puff or bisou de lulu r my faves.
always roll the bottle thoroughly between your hands to mix the contents well.
get a decent amount on your brush (more than u r likely to need),turn your hand sideways onto the nail,
using the body of the brush, not the ends, start one side of the smile line, & continue along,without stopping or picking up your brush, & complete the other side of the smile line.
you may find that u want to start again at the other side & meet the original line in the middle, ok but steady hand required.
immediately u have completed the smile line, then turn the brush back to the upright position that u normally use 4 painting a colour, & gently
stroke any surplus enamel off in a series of strokes from smile line to free edge & off.
1 final thing, do a "2-colour french" ie choose 2 shades of the same colour; paint the paler shade on the whle nail & then paint the darker shade as a french end.
this is easier than the pink & white as the colours r closer, & won't notice half as much.
this might give u the practice u need to gain confidence :D
have fun :D
lol liza xx
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